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K6 - Telephone Entry Kiosk


  • 15” Color Touchscreen
  • “Hi-Brite Certified” Sunlight visible Display
  • Full Touchscreen Operation
  • Large, Bright, Easy to Read Instructions & Directory
  • Simple for Visitors to Operate
  • Easy to Use Admin Software
  • Unlimited Number of Names Phone #s, PIN #s
  • Webpage where Residents can view a History of Visitors,
  • including Photos if Snapshot Option is installedGrant access to multiple Entry Points (Elevator 1 / Elevator 2)
  • Heat Shield Hood / Sun Visor
  • Customizable Standby-Screen Background
  • Automatically sends Email or Text Msg Notifications to Resident upon Visitor Entry or PIN Use


  • Dual Purpose - Telephone Entry Unit / Remote Attendant Kiosk
  • CardNet - Integrated Access Control for up to 64 Doors or Gates, up to 15,000 Users and Compatible with Existing Cards, Barcodes, RFID and Clickers, etc...
  • Snapshot - Stores Photos of Visitor & Tag
  • Express Pass Reader - Residents can Email a Pass to a Guest that will Grant Entry without Calling


  • 60” tall x 19.75” Wide, Hood is 11.5” Deep
  • NEMA-4x Rated (IP65) Weatherproof Enclosure
  • “K-Bond” Bonded Weatherproof Display
  • Solid State Heating & Cooling, Thermostat Controlled
  • Hinged Rear Panels for Service Access
  • UPS Surge Protection w/ Battery Backup