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Remote Attendant Service

Perform All the Functions of an
On-site Guard at Much Lower Cost

  • Professional Attendant Greets and Screens Visitors
  • Attendant and Visitor have 2-way communication
  • Attendant has Live View of 4 Cameras including Driver, Tag, and Gate Equipment
  • Attendant has Checkpoint Visitor Screening Software:
    • Resident Screen with Authorized Visitor List
    • Speed Dial Buttons to call Resident for Authorization, 2 Numbers
    • Automated Voice Message System for Residents to Pre-Clear Visitors by Phone
    • Resident Webpage, add Visitors to their List, Change Contact Info, View Visitor Records, More
    • Resident can Email a Pass to their Visitor, Pass Reader at the Gate Grants Instant Entry
  • Visitor Log Record with Images of Tag, & Drivers License
  • System sends a Text Message or Email Notification to Resident upon all Visitor Entries
  • Optional K6 Kiosk can revert to an Unmanned Telephone Entry Unit at slow times of day