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About Us

Our development team has been designing and implementing Visitor Screening Software and Access Control Systems for over 15 years. We have the experience needed to not only develop effective, dependable, and easy to use Software and Systems, we understand the entirety of your Security Program. This includes Visitor / Vendor access, Resident / Staff Access Control at doors and gates, Video Systems, Staff/Security Procedures, and more.

We have experienced staff available to assist in all areas of planning and deployment including, but not limited to: Determining System Configuration, Planning and Creating the Resident Database, Resident Data Questionnaire and Instructions, Training Operators and Administrators, and On-going Support.

We have spent a lot of time in Guardhouses, in Property Management offices, at Association Meetings, and on-site at Community Facilities. We have talked to and taken input from Property Managers, Guards, and Residents, and used that input to refine our systems to be easy to use, easy to manage, feature rich, fast, and dependable.